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200 Club Winners February 2017

1-Peter Higgins 2-K. Jones 3-Easter Valley League

200 Club Winners January 2017

1-East Flint League 2-P. Alderson 3-Neil Wright

Patrons of Welsh Table Tennis

The following individuals or businesses have very kindly committed to financially supporting Table Tennis Wales so as to assist with the ongoing development of the sport we love. We are hugely grateful for their support. If you can spare as…


Volunteers are the lifeblood of our sport. Without their passion, enthusiasm, energy and commitment we would simply not be able to function. We thank them for their selfless continued work – without which the opportunities to take part in the…

Table Tennis Wales 200 Club
As a way of fundraising for the sport, Table Tennis Wales runs a 200 club. It is a monthly draw where 50% of the takings are given back as prizes. 0-50 members – one prize, 50-100 members – two prizes,…
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