200 Club Winners April-September 2020

Following the TTW 200 club draws, we are delighted to announce the following winners: April…

TTW 200 Club

Table Tennis Wales started the 200 Club as way of fundraising to develop the sport…

TTW 200 Club

The latest winners, runner up and third spot in the 200 club have been drawn…

200 Club Winners April 2017

1-Mostyn Lewis 2-Norman Jenkins 3-Mostyn Lewis

200 Club Winners March 2017

1-Swansea League 2-Mostyn Lewis 3-Betty Grey

200 Club Winners February 2017

1-Peter Higgins 2-K. Jones 3-Easter Valley League

200 Club Winners January 2017

1-East Flint League 2-P. Alderson 3-Neil Wright

Table Tennis Wales 200 Club
As a way of fundraising for the sport, Table Tennis Wales runs a 200 club.…