Governance: The Importance of a Well Run and Well Led Organisation

In broad terms, governance is concerned with decision making, accountability and how peoples voices are heard.  Importantly, it is not just about rules and regulations; the values, culture and the behaviour of the people in the governing body are just as influential. When an organisation is governed to a high standard it promotes confidence amongst the organisations members/stakeholders, it leads to better and more ethical decision making and it also helps organisations meet their legislative responsibilities

National Governing Bodies for Sport (NGBs) are guardians for their respective sports and are tasked with creating a safe and inclusive environment for those who want to take part and volunteer in the sport.  TTW receives 80% of its funding from Sport Wales so this carries a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of integrity with this public money. Essentially, this work is about developing the foundations of the TTW so that it can weather any storms and be sustainable and effective and have the best interest of the sport at its heart.


Along with other NGBs in Wales, the TTW board have agreed to work towards the 7 principles of the Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales.  This framework was developed by the Welsh sport sector as a pragmatic way of helping sport/recreation bodies to evolve in this area.

The TTW board have signed off an action plan against this framework to demonstrate our commitment to Sport Wales to this agenda and it include areas such as:

  •  Developing a board that has the right skills and is diverse in terms of gender, race etc.
  • Defining board roles and increase understanding of legal responsibilities
  • Promoting the Safeguarding standards and progressing to NSPCC Level 3
  • Develop a new TTW vision and strategy
  • Review the TTW equality action plan
  • Develop specific sub committees which oversee areas of work and report to the board

Policies and procedures are important for an organisation to run effectively.  We are currently updating ours and they will be published as soon as they are approved by the Board.